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March 9, 2024

Laminor Arena, Bucharest

We enjoyed a trip back in time at the Nostalgia | event Flowers, Girls or Boys, held at Hala Laminor Arena on March 9, 2024. This event, to which Zenezia contributed, was a memorable experience for all participants.

Preparations for Nostalgia | Flowers, Girls or Boys started long before the event date, as early as February 29, 2024. Zenezia provided qualified and well-trained human resources to manage various aspects of the event. These resources included supervisors, coordinators, assistant coordinators, volunteers and cashiers. Everyone had an essential role in the smooth running of the event.

In the week before the event, between February 29 and March 8, 2024, Zenezia successfully coordinated exchanging tickets for wristbands, in 15 different locations in Bucharest. With the help of our cashiers and volunteers, we have made this process smooth and efficient. We have ensured that every attendee will have easy access to the event and will be able to enjoy the experience on offer fully.

On the day of the event, on March 9, our team was ready to provide an exceptional experience to all participants. In Laminor Arena, we formed 5 teams, each with its own well-defined role. Thanks to our professionalism and dedication, we ensured a smooth and trouble-free flow for everyone attending the event.

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