About us

Zenezia comes in many forms

There are many elements that contribute to the success of an event. When everything is set up and works in harmony, you can feel the energy and positive vibe.

All the elements that a memorable event needs are described below in the form of the services that Zenezia provides. Your event can benefit from any of them.

Event concept

Zenezia ensures that there is a creative and unified idea. It is what sets an event apart.

Project management

Coordination of the project from the technical sketch stage to implementation.

Ticketing strategy

Establishing the needs of the target audience for effective ticketing.

Branding and creative

Positioning the event and creating a high impact visual identity.

Stage equipment

Stage, sound and lights. All connected in harmony to deliver a complete experience.

Site production

Freedom of movement is ensured by a flawless layout of the event area.

Suppliers & vendors

The energy of an event is maintained by compatible providers. We find the right ones.

Security plan

Creating a security strategy that provides the best possible security for guests.

Access management

The event experience starts at the gates. We make sure it's pleasant.


More than 3000 event-loving volunteers are waiting in all corners of the country.

Helperi & stagehands

Event preparation is safe in the hands of experienced technicians.

Specialized coordinators

The frenzy is kept under control by field-trained coordinators at dozens of events.

Are you ready for a supercharged event?