Helpers & Stagehands

Zenezia is about super people creating smiles and experiences. With sweaty foreheads and trained hands, our team redefines what building an event means

Zenezia's Team of Helpers and Stagehands

Join Zenezia’s team of superhumans. We are that those who come early in the morning to set up the show and the ones who leave late at night after everyone has already enjoyed the event. If you’ve ever wondering what’s behind the scenes, the most appropriate answer is: we are building it. Here are the tasks that our super people perform:

Stage and AV equipment handling

Site production and decor set up of the event area

Any logistical tasks specific to the event

Why apply?

Mastering the site production skills of an event
Insight into the backstage and crew offices
Access within the event
Hourly paid activity
Working hours recorded as work experience
Advancement opportunities

Application Requirements:

Minimum age 18 years Very good physical condition and endurance The ability to quickly understand tasks Team spirit and self-discipline Punctuality, seriousness and respectful behavior Previous experience in the field is an advantage, but not required

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