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May 23, 2024

Romexpo, Bucharest

Red Bull SoundClash is a global musical event that facing two bands or artists in a friendly competition, in which each demonstrates their musical skills and creativity. The format of the event involves several rounds in which the artists interpret covers, remixes and their own hits, encouraging the public interaction and participation. Each edition is unique, offering a dynamic and surprising show.
The May 23, 2024 edition of the Red Bull SoundClash, which took place in Romexpo, brought in the musical ring on Connect-R and Şuie Paparude, two artists with distinct styles and impressive careers. Their confrontation was full of energy, innovation and memorable moments, each artist bringing on stage the best performances to conquer the hearts of the fans.
At this event, Zenezia had several essential responsibilities, participating with a team of over 40 dedicated volunteers, along with coordinators. Our team made sure that the access of the participants to Romexpo was carried out without problems, managing the two access roads in the location. The Zenezia volunteers  scanned the classic tickets and VIP, offering each participant the right bracelet according to the type of ticket purchased.

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